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This Program Might Change Your Life.

If you came here, there is a good chance you are...

Not doing well financially,

Stuck in your job,

Or you are unhappy with your girlfriend/wife.

The Inner Warrior Circle is a holistic self-improvement program to help you in any of those areas.




You Can Join At Any Step In Life

Body - Stage 1 & 2

Performance Improvement

How is your health? Feeling weak? Low bodily strength is very bad for you mental health. My coaching program gets you started to give you a healthy, masculine body.

Mind - Stage 3 & 4

Career and Entrepreneurship

Stuck in a boring corporate job? Everyone else getting promoted but you? Scared of taking steps into true freedom? Our program helps you discover your desired occupation and how to get there.

Spirit - Stage 5


Many men are either struggling to find a partner or in unhappy relationships. Ever wondered why? In our coaching session we look at your individual situation and lay out a plan on what to do to improve your woman life.

Opening Special:

Has Passed on 24th of May, Congratulations to Everyone Who Joined!


Regular Enrollment open

Please use this form.




Here are the basics:

We have a free 30 minute onboarding call to see if I can help you.

If yes, you can join the Inner Warrior Circle.

This gets you access to an extended custom lifestyle planning session and a bi-weekly call to see your progress.

After every month, we have a longer conversation to manage your plan and adapt.

Yes, I want to improve my personal, financial and woman-life now.


I am Matthias, a successful entrepreneur and loving father of two young sons. I am the manager of a media company, have been hitting the gym for close to a decade and along the way gone through my own share of trials and tribulations. Having grown up without a good father figure, I had to figure out the blueprint for a masculine life myself. Now I am at a stage where I want to help other men on their path to success.


What am I exactly getting when I join the Inner Warrior Circle?

When you agree to join, you get a second, longer phone session with me to work out which areas of your life need the most urgent attention. Based on that I will work out a nifty little plan that will guide you on what to do and what not to do. The program is not a collection of documents you have to work through - although you will fill out some documents so that I can understand you better - it is primarily a hands-on approach. We have regular phone conversations to track your progress and adapt where needed. You will also join a private Facebook-Group where you interact with other members. Think of it like a professional mentoring program to get you where you want to be in life.

Who is this program for?

In my own estimation, for about 5% of the male population, mostly in Europe and North America. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men is either happily unhappy or prefers to stick with what society tells them to, never questioning conventional wisdom. If you fall into that category, the Inner Warrior Circle is not for you. If you strive to grow, to become a better you and are tired of not getting the advice you truly need, this course is for you. There is no age limit to the Inner Warrior Circle.

I want people to like my true self. Why should I change?

Let's say you are overweight, balding and constantly in a bad mood (hopefully not, but bear with me). And that's how you've been for years. Would you call that your "true you"? What is your "true you"? That's only for you to decide, but I help you get there. Long story short, I believe our self is constantly changing based on our choices and not fixed.

What is the pricing policy?

If you end up joining the Inner Warrior Circle, your monthly investment is 149€ (excluding VAT). This should ensure your serious commitment to the program. There are also additional packages you may want to invest in, but those are completely optional.

In which languages do you provide your product?

We can speak in English or German.

I cannot join because of my [Family/Wife/Job/Society/etc.].

This course is not for everyone. If you are content where you are in life, even though not really happy, then I (and nobody else) can help you. This course is for those who know they need to improve several areas of their lives and are not scared to take action, even though it will be uncomfortable in the beginning (but believe me, it's worth it).

I have certain health issues, can I still join?

This program contains certain exercise suggestions and nutrition tips. It is not supposed to replace the guidance of a trained medical professional. Always check with your doctor before taking up any new exercise regimen or diet.

Do you guarantee [x]?

I can only provide guidance. The action must come from you. However, my coaching is aimed to maximize your success, provided you stick to it and follow up with me regularly.

What is your refund policy?

The Inner Warrior Circle is a monthly subscription service. If you are less than satisfied, you can cancel anytime and your subscription will end automatically with the next billing cycle. You can also cancel within the first 30 days and receive your initial investment back.

Do you teach how to get rich fast?

No, if you are looking for quick fixes, this program is not for you. I am to help men who are able to commit to mid- and long term change. It's very possible that you get improved results early on, however, you must put in the work.

Do you help me to pick up women on Tinder?

Not strictly, since I am not a dating coach. However, once you stuck through several months of the Inner Warrior Circle, you improved (self-)image will help you tremendously in talking to women and being a more attractive male overall. No need to learn canned lines or silly games to get female attention, promise.

Are you a PUA or MGTOW?

NO. PUAs (Pick-up Artists) do little more than teaching you phony techniques to woo-woo girls in clubs. My approach is a holistic self-improvement course that guides to become a better man overall. MGTOWs (Men going their own way) are a group of men who give up dating and women altogether. I see neither as a viable option for the average male as a path to true personal happiness.

Any other questions?

I am happy to answer your questions via matthias[at]tonitz.at!



The Inner Warrior Circle is a guided self-improvement system. We will reach out to you very soon to talk about your path.


The Inner Warrior Circle is a guided self-improvement system. We will reach out to you very soon to talk about your path.


The Inner Warrior Circle is a guided self-improvement system. We will reach out to you very soon to talk about your path.


The Inner Warrior Circle is a guided self-improvement system. We will reach out to you very soon to talk about your path.


The Inner Warrior Circle is a guided self-improvement system. We will reach out to you very soon to talk about your path.